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What is a payday loan? > Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Nov 6, 2013 A payday loan – which might also be called a “cash advance” or … per $100 fee
equates to an annual percentage rate (APR) of almost 400%. [more]

Payday loan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To prevent usury (unreasonable and excessive rates of interest), some
jurisdictions limit the annual percentage rate (APR) that any lender, including
payday … [more]

Payday Loan APR Calculator – CSGNetwork.Com

This script calculates the APR (annual percentage rate) for very short term loans,
typically $1000 or less, known as Payday Loans or Payday Advances. [more]

The Average Payday Loan Borrower Spends More Than Half The …

Apr 26, 2013 The idea of the payday loan — a short-term, high-interest loan intended … The
median APR on a payday loan is 322%, with the average APR being … Cuts
Rates For Data Plans, But Not Automatically For Existing Customers … [more]

APR Matters on Payday Loans – Center for Responsible Lending

Jun 23, 2009 CRL explores the payday lending industry's attempt to deny the importance of the
APR, or annual percentage rate of interest, in disclosing the … [more]

Payday Loans | Consumer Information

They refer to payday loans, cash advance loans, check advance loans, … and the
annual percentage rate (APR — the cost of credit on a yearly basis) in writing … [more]

Certain payday loans had effective interest rates of more …

Jan 8, 2014 And in 2012, some Texas payday loan rates exceeded 1,000 … payday loans can
result in borrowers facing an APR of 664 percent, while Fort … [more]

How to Calculate the Interest Rate on Payday Loans

Payday lenders, their trade association, and even some regulators and news …
believe that quoting an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on payday loans is … [more]

The trap of payday loans can lead to triple-digit interest …

Mar 25, 2014 But when fees are annualized, they often amount to triple-digit interest rates or
more. I've seen payday loan contracts with four-digit interest … [more]

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